Selfdiagnostics Begins Production of First Molecular Diagnostic Home Test in the World after Completing Multiplexed Sexually Transmitted Diseases Product Design.

Selfdiagnostics is pleased to announce that the company has successfully achieved a strategically important milestone by freezing product design of multiplexed sexually transmitted diseases MDx test.

Selfdiagnostics will now move on with preparations for product production and market launch, with the first products planned to be ready in Autumn 2017, after which clinical validations begin.

Combined with the European Commission and Saxonian Development Bank, Selfdiagnostics has developed the first high precision molecular diagnostics test device that detects most common sexually transmitted diseases within the user’s own home.

CEO Marko Lehes comments:

“The device is the first of its kind in the world, facilitating excellent opportunities in recognising diseases within patients faster and more accurately than present tests on the market.”

Selfdiagnostics fully certified Sexually Transmitted Disease test is available on the market at the beginning of 2018.

This pioneering technology is developed by Selfdiagnostics Deutschland GmbH and is protected by 6 patent applications. During last 5 years Selfdiagnostics has invested around €10 million in making this breakthrough.

I’m glad you’re with us,

Marko Lehes