Upcoming participation in the highly anticipated Medical Biodefense Conference 2023

Selfdiagnostics is proud to announce that our dedicated team will be presenting an informative poster session titled: “Rapid and Precise RNA/DNA detection on-stie using Instrument-free Multitest” This presentation will shed light on our groundbreaking Multitest technology, a cutting-edge solution for the rapid and precise detection of biological threats in real-world scenarios.

Our team is eager to engage with you during the conference. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, gain valuable insights, and explore how Multitest can align with your specific diagnostic objectives.

To ensure we have time to address your unique needs, we invite you to visit us at our dedicated poster station, which will be marked as “IP 17.” Alternatively, you can secure an individual appointment with us by sending an email to info.de@selfdiagnostics.com