For some time now, the healthcare system has been moving towards patients.

However, we are still only halfway.

During the last few months, we have witnessed the critical importance of both next-to-patient testing from doctors and self-testing at home. These methods not only avoid the fast-spreading of infections but also enables starting treatment as fast as possible in order to save lives.

The current situation perfectly demonstrates that these are frontline methods to combat the pandemic spread of diseases.

At Selfdiagnostics, we are firm believers in both next-to-patient and self-testing. Over the past years we have invested both time and resources along with the European Commission and the German and Estonian authorities in developing a novel, lab technology-based molecular point of care diagnostics mobile testing platform that is easy to use, affordable and highly accurate.

Amongst several others, viral respiratory infections are in our primary focus and our developmental pipeline. Our goal is to provide healthcare systems and their patients’ accurate tests to detect the spread of new emerging infections before they become pandemic.

Our molecular diagnostics point of care testing platform is ready to add new functionality to detect emerging viruses like SARS-CoV-2 diseases.

I invite you to join our journey to detect and eradicate such viruses faster.
Due to increasing demand, we are open together with our academic and industrial partners to further investments and new partnerships to accelerate the development of our novel Covid-19 mobile molecular diagnostic point of care and home test.

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