Selfdiagnostics was presented as one of the 8 “Swimming with the Sharks” finalists at the 14th Annual Molecular Diagnostics Conference in San Francisco, USA on the 22nd February 2017 and was a one of the three winners. Our selection in this event as one of the best company demonstrates our recognition as a promising MedTech company.

The International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference is the biggest international conference in Molecular Diagnostics combining an industry leaders’ networking event and outlining recent developments and successful implementation of diagnostics in this sector.

The “Swimming with the Sharks” competition is where companies like Selfdiagnostics presents our company’s value proposition to a panel of VCs and industry experts. Considering hundreds of applications made, and our acceptance to present – demonstrates the recognition and continued strength of our company in becoming the leading European healthcare venture.


As one of Europe’s most ambitious healthcare ventures, Selfdiagnostics recently:

  • Launched our e-health portal introducing our rapid diagnostic solutions in the UK with the aim of penetrating further markets later this year
  • Accomplished prototype development of our first product which is rapid molecular diagnostics device to detect most common sexually transmitted diseases in point of care settings
  • Signed agreement for first batch (LOT) of market ready devices which will be available in Summer 2017
Our team have highly skilled professionals drawn from vast multinational MedTech companies and outstanding scientific backgrounds cooperating with various universities.
I’m glad you’re with us.

Written by Tallinn based digital marketing company