Half of people

look for first remedy
themselves if
symptoms occur


More than 30 days

is the average waiting
time to see a doctor


Every 3rd cause 

of death is due to infectious diseases


Trillion USD

overall out of pocket expenditure in healthcare
in past 10 years

People are becoming increasingly interested and more knowledgeable in managing their own health and researching medical issues. Our pioneering molecular selfdiagnostic technology lets people know and understand more about their condition and obtain a better cure, faster.

Selfdiagnostics. Be the first to know.

STD Multitest

The only painless self-test for men and women to simultaneously detect two of the most common
sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoea. 

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Scalable cutting edge rapid testing technology

From 10 years to

From 3 weeks to

From 50 percent to


Our technology allows developing detection of new pathogens within 1 year instead of 10 years as it has been now.


Rapid tests with our technology allow testing within 1 week after infection instead of 3 weeks as it is now.


We have increased rapid testing accuracy to lab level.

NINAAT technology

Our NINAAT (Non-Instrumented Nucleic Acid Amplification) molecular diagnostics technology can be used as a solid and reliable foundation, which can easily be adapted for the needs of military, veterinary, food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. Everywhere, where detection of viral, bacterial and protozoan infections or any genetic marker is needed, our platform gives you the most advanced technology to do it.

Main advantages of NINAAT platform

  1. Accuracy equal to laboratory
  2. Gives multiplex results for better diagnosis
  3. Testing procedure so easy it can also be used in self-tests
  4. Quickly adaptable for any new target – within months
  5. Results immediately after infection, not after immune reaction of body


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