Published on 11 July 2017
SelfDiagnostics UK has launched a new at-home STI home test kit including an HIV test that allows people to check for symptoms in the privacy of their own home. This cuts out the need to Google your symptoms or spend time waiting in the doctor's surgery to see your local GP.
MDx test
Published by Marko Lehes on 12 April 2017
SelfDiagnostics is pleased to announce that the company has successfully achieved a strategically important milestone by freezing product design of multiplexed sexually transmitted diseases MDx test.
Published on 3 April 2017
In addition to the existing 3 applications SelfDiagnostics has filed previously, further 3 applications have been submitted in March 2017. One of the applications is in progress. All 7 patents will enable the company to protect its core technology from replication; guaranteeing continued company value and growth in the coming years
Annual Molecular Diagnostics Conferenc
Published by Marko Lehes on 21 February 2017
Selfdiagnostics was presented as one of the 8 “Swimming with the Sharks” finalists at the 14th Annual Molecular Diagnostics Conference in San Francisco, USA on the 22nd February 2017 and was a one of the three winner. Our selection in this event as one of the best company demonstrates our recognition as a promising MedTech company.
Published on 3 February 2017
Sales of SelfDiagnostics third party products continues to nearly double each year. Sales increased to €702,000 in 2016 from €372,000 in 2015. This year Q1 2017 revenue reached €284,000. With SelfDiagnostics additional revenue drivers growth is projected to reach €1,600,000 for 2017.
Published on 2 January 2017
UK e-Shop launched as part of SelfDiagnostics international growth strategy - already had first transactions of male and female cancer, sexual health and food intolerance products.